Jenkins Configuration

Jenkins Configuration


Download stable version of Jenkins.war file from any browser and copy into your local folder.

Next browser shows the below pic.

After downloading Jenkins software. You install that one.


Open a cmd prompt and type java -jar and copy the path of the war file. Please find the screen shot.


After entering the path please press enter key from keyboard and observe that “Jenkins fully up and running


After that,we access the Jenkin's application and type “http://localhost:8080” in web browser.Next, i will get below page.

Jenkins application asks the Administrator password.we can get the password in command prompt and click the continue button in below.


we passed the password in Administrator password box.

After that, we get below page.

we click or select the Install Suggested plugins option.

Next,we get below page.

Once we can check the command's running like below pic.


It takes some time.After completing installing all the plugins.we get below like page.

we will enter the details name, password and etc. and click the Save and Finish button.

Next, we can get the below page.

we can click the Start using Jenkins button.


Next, jenkins application will start.

It is an initial page of the Jenkins application.

Next,we will find the Manage Jenkins button and click it.

Setp: 8

we can click the Manage Jenkins will make the Jenkins as Windows service and click on Install as Windows Service

And now we need to provide a directory where it is stored.we click the Install button.

After installation of the windows service, we will open the notepad and weite the HelloWorld Program

Setp: 9

we can store this program inside the folder. and compile the HolloWorld program.

Then we will go to Jenkins directory and click theNew Item button.

Then we will write the name of the program.

Setp: 10

After that,we will select the Freestyle project and OK button at bottom.

It will create the new job.Now, will click the Add Build Step and select the Execute Windows batch command.

Below we see the Execute Windows batch command box.

Here we will give the commands.first,write the location of the java file and then write the javac and then we will copy the java HelloWorld.Let us test it.

we will click the Apply button and click the ok button.

Setp: 11

Then we will click the Build Now button

Look at the console output.

we get the Console output.It was able to runnable program.

So, we have successfully Configure.