Who We Are

JALA Technologies is Platform to learn the technologies for PURPOSE. We help you find your dream job within 90 days with our innovative, fun and result oriented Mentorship Programs..

Who Are Eligible
  • 3rd and 4th Year students who want to get a software Job in MNCs while they are in the College
  • Freshers who are already out of college. ( No matter the year they are graduated)
  • Trained and un-trained Candidates who are serious about their career
  • Experienced Folks who want to switch from one Technology to another Technology
  • Experienced Folks who want to change the domain
  • Experienced Folks who want to Upskill for Job change.
  • NON-Technology people who are passionate to code and become a software Engineer
  • Those who want to guide placing 100s of candidates in MNCs by partnering with JALA
  • Those who want to earn Stipend/Salary from JALA after completing the FREE training.
  • In one sentence, those who need experts guidance for building a long-lasting career in IT.
Who Are Not Eligible
  • Those who want to learn for the sake of getting a certificate
  • Those who are expecting the old days traditional online/classroom sessions
  • Those who are lazy to read and learn from online resources
  • Experienced folks who want to upskill just for the sake of enhancing their skills, not for immediate JOB Change
  • Those who are looking for courses on Tools or anything other than listed in our Job Guarantee Programs.
  • Those who do not have clarity what they want to achieve in their life
  • For those Job is the second priority and Course is the First Priority.
High Paying Quality Software JOBS Information
Tips To Get The Best Benefits from JOB PROGRAMS
  • We know you don't really believe the concept "Training without Trainers" until you work with us for 21 days. Follow these Tips to see the immediate result
  • Do not take advice from anyone until they cannot tell you how to get a JOB. There are 100s of people around you to throw FREE ADVICE. Those are the ones who spoil the young graduates.
  • Check your progress every day. If you do not see any progress. You are not learning.
  • Never think, easy tools will give you a job. Actually, there are no easy technologies. Everybody will be paid based on the demand and supply.
  • Do not focus much on any tools rather develop the programming skills. We never know when a Tool dies. Keep learning new things for a better career.
  • Learn to teach/mentor the others in your own circle to test your presentation skills. Always do not expect remuneration for everything you do. Huge success will be ahead.
  • Try to learn everything in a practical way. The theory will not stay in your mind for long and you never get confidence unless you involve in challenging activities.
  • Nobody is a competitor for you in this world. We have a Job for every serious Job Seeker. Be confident to achieve bigger.
  • Work not less than 8 hours a day on Job Program content as you have to work 8 hours a day after getting a job. Start practicing from now.
  • Do remember, personalized help is always available. Feel free to share your weaknesses. We know how to fix them.

Yes, We say it is a 100% Job guarantee Program. We provide FREE Training and UNLIMITED opportunities until you get a JOB. No matter it is 8 weeks or 8 Years. We are with you until you succeed.

No, The first set of basic programming assignments should be completed on your own with the help of Google and YouTube. It's okay to copy because all software engineers do their major work using copy and paste. You should also consider this is to test your ability to learn on your own as the IT industry demands it.

Yes, You are not eligible until you complete the assignments. You can always seek our help for completing the assignments. Do remember there is no deadline. You can take your own time to complete it. Doors are always open for those who want to achieve big in their life.

That's what we are. We placed 100s of candidates who are literally having zero knowledge before joined us. We studied well enough the job seeker's mind and Interviewers mind over a decade of experience in training and placements.

Yes, Once you get through the programming assignments, You are eligible to get the dedicated WhatsApp/Phone support until you get a JOB from HR Managers, Technical Co-Ordinators, and Technical Mentors.

Yes, Only for those who completed the Programming assignments. We provide you every help needed to complete the project assignments.

Yes, You learn everything practically. Not even a single session on theory. We believe you know English and you can read and get theoretical knowledge.

No Problem. We are here to give you personalized career guidance to make the right decision.

Enough questions. We want to really check if you are eligible to join our Job ready Programs. Let's meet after completing the assignments. Contact us for assignments.

contact info

Flat No: 501, 5th Floor, Sri Swathi Anukar Complex, Ashok IT, Beside Aditya Trade Centre

Ameerpet,Hyderabad,Telangana,India - 500016

WhatsApp: +91-628-199-4649

Email : hr@jalaacademy.com